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Unusual Attitudes Airpark Fly-in

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Unusual attitudes airpark, club fly away.
By Andrew Gellert
Posted: 2021-11-20T11:00:00Z
Hello Members and Internet surfers,

Saturday the 20th of November 2021, the Club's first fly-away since launching this website, hence the inaugural post to the social blog.
We assembled at the Aerodrome that morning at what is best termed as "Gentlemen's hours" (around 9.45am!) and prepared the aircraft, but first a little pre-amble.

About six weeks ago, I noticed a Facebook post by the owner of Unusual Attitudes Airpark(UAA), of a Fly-in/BBQ lunch for the purpose of, well,  just-because. What a cool reason to have a fly-in I thought. So begun the process of announcing the activity on the club member facebook site, and I think we were filled up in record time. Plenty of keen individuals out there it seems. As the weeks went past, the owner of UAA airpark put up posts of maps/procedures/requirements. I have to say here, I was mentally planning the activity from that point and my imagination was seeing all sorts of cool stuff like a whole bunch of planes there and heaps of people hanging out with aeroplanes.

Now back to the present. The last couple of days leading up to it, I checked everybody was still-a-go, plus some chit-chat for final details. Saturday rolled around and we (13 members and friends) found ourselves congregating in front of the planes at Bacchus Marsh. A briefing, bit of a talk, some reassurance and then engines started. We all took off more or less one after the other, with higher TAS aircraft leading the way to naturally space out as we flew north. 
As our gaggle of planes approached the airpark, the radio was really pumping. As I remember from last UAA fly-in, so many aircraft of all types and performance were approaching from all over Victoria. This makes for a crowded CTAF, however it all seemed very well done with all pilots really getting into the spirit of safe seperation and waiting their turns. In we went for a really cool final approach on runway 16, over some trees and plonk down on the grass strip. 
On taxi to the parking area , ground marshals were at work directing aircraft traffic which was a nice touch and the parking area was really well laid out. 

So now we all get out and stretch our legs over at the BBQ area. The owner (Clint) has done a sterling job with the place and I had to notice the continued improvements on the general property. One has to marvel at the standard of this airpark and the thought that has gone into it. It really feels like a nice place to be and its quite interesting if one looks at the details and can appreciate the work done. So from there we all begin hanging out at the main pavillion and get amongst the BBQ fare. Other people were there volunteering by organising individual plates of sasauges and meat patties, handing out other stuff, what is going on?? Who are these people and why are they giving us free stuff?? 

"They" are the aviation community it seems, just happy to be part of it and working towards the success of the day (I tip my hat to them all). After each grabbing a plate of food, we set about plonking it all the barby, and then listened to Clint give a group welcome speech to all, and let us know about the fact that the donations of the day are going to the childrens charity "Variety". What a top thing to do!

All good things come to an end and now it was time to go. Concentrating hard, we lined up on the threshold with max engine power and released the brakes. There standing off to the side, is the whole crowd watching the collection of take-off runs. A gallery of curioius onlookers!
With our takeoff saftey brief firm in my mind, off shoots little EYU down the strip. Airspeed alive - 50 Kts - nose back - and she's flying. But only just before my "reject" point we had nominated prior to engine start. I can say, that is a rule to live by when getting close to your limits of performance and precieved skill. The flight home was uneventful and we all went home with the day's events, high on the mind.  Interesting strip, many planes, lots happening. 

Good times and looking forward to the next.

Cheers! Andrew.

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