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There currently some significant works underway at Point Cook airfield including line marking, taxiway repairs and drainage works.

The works currently underway , will include most , if not every , paved surface on the airside. In addition to the above, there is crack sealing , spall repairs , line marking , pit repairs and replacement.

Some will involve runway closures, but most will be NOTAM  “not available except on 30 minutes prior notice” or “time limited works” .

The NOTAM is self explanatory.  If you operationally REQUIRE the area , contact the number and make arrangements. However we are a flying club, not a charter company so operational requirement could be hard to justify. Remember we are guests, and we have options on YMPC .

Time limited works can be conducted without a NOTAM for periods of up to 10 minutes. The Works Safety Officer, will broadcast on the CTAF entering the area and should give regular broadcasts. Time  for the working is supposed to be based on how long it will take to vacate the area leaving it operationally safe. But they will try to get the job done SO expect to them to always be 10 minutes. You will probably need to request to use the area as the WSO WILL EFFECTIVELY EXTEND the time period every time they broadcast.

EXAMPLE  :  Point Cook traffic , Safety Five and company  conducting time limited pavement repairs on the threshold of Runway 22 , 10 minute Recall , Traffic point Cook

Other works may be conducted right up to the runway edge by “MEN ON FOOT WITH HANDTOOLS”  This is scary when you’re doing it and also scary for the pilot! it also a bit tricky on YMPC with grass left and right.

So, with all that being said what about some tips….

  • Read the NOTAMs. Every day before you go and before you come back. Keep a listening watch.
  • Listen for WSO broadcasts , work out where they are.
  • Communicate, make the extra call .
  • If you did not understand a radio call , ask for confirmation
  • Know your cones. U/S cones are red and white horizontal stripes .
  • Do not go through U/S cones.
  • YELLOW cones  are used to mark parking areas and temporary taxiways.

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