Well it is great to see aircraft back on line at Point Cook but they take up home in a slightly different parking location now.

Defence contractors have started work on the new Cadet hanger that will be located on the Northern Apron. As a result the parking spot of club aircraft has been repositioned to along the western perimiter fence road which has now been closed to vehicles.

Access at the moment can be through either Gate 1 until access is stopped due to contract work or through Gate 2 (Can be accessed through with the Gate 1 Key). We are working on a final solution on Gate 2 and will share that once we have finalised with defence. If you choose to use Gate 2, you can park in the bitumened car park which is the northern end of the RMIT carpark.

Familiarise yourself with the new parking position of the aircraft to make it easier when you return.

When taxing aircaft back into parking, approach from the north along the grass then taxi onto the road at a 45degree angle. Continue along the road taxing between the tyres that mark out the tie down points.

If you have any question or queries about parking or tie down, please reach out to flightops@pointcook.org or give me a call on 0418819254

We expect EYU back shortly, the owner is doing some work on the tail and shouldn’t be long until it is ready to go again.

Lastly, dont forget the requirement of submitting a flight notification with at a minimum of 2 hours notice. Please aim for AS MUCH NOTICE AS POSSIBLE.

Safe flying!


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