Well not exactly but….
Can I ask you to grab a drink of your choice and have a sit down. Are you back yet? O.k, please read on.

It has come to the committee’s attention that our club’s lease to occupy the clubrooms and aircraft parking positions at RAAF Base Point Cook has come to an end. The reason? Increased Military operations and infrastructure
improvements has made our own club operations untenable. So basically, we have been given our marching orders for 30 th January 2021 and sadly this ends the circa 50 year stay of this flying club at Point Cook.

Presently the club committee is working amicably with Defence, their property managers and all relevant parties, to move off the airbase. While the committee had approached Defence to renegotiate the decision, it has been without success.
Some good news to arise is that we have been approved to continue flying operations and use of the clubrooms at YMPC, up until the eviction date. So, for our members who have base/airside passes, you may continue as normal and enjoy our last days there. Because of somewhat tight times leading up until the move, new or prospective members without those passes are better served in flying the club plane currently positioned at YBSS.

So, what does this mean for the near future? The committee has assessed the local options available to us and decided that the most likely course of action is to seek a new base of operations at YBSS Bacchus Marsh, all things
going well.
Yes, we know what you are thinking – will there be an increased cost to hire and landing fees? Will there be difficulty in relocating to YBSS?, What is my part if any?
These (and many more) agenda items are being methodically worked through and being allocated to committee members to “action”.
It is more than likely that ordinary members will be asked to assist in various areas and the potential of a working bee or two is definite. This is a reality of the work that must be done to ensure the club can navigate this challenging time and find itself in a healthy position in the following months and years to come.
As an example of some of these tasks to be completed are such things as preparing for and conducting a removal of the club assets (loading up a removal truck/container), cleaning out all the bookshelves, office and briefing room.

There will be further communications arising as steps are taken, so please keep watching your emails and the club website. We aim to keep the information flowing. If you wish to contact the committee with concerns, suggestions or advice please do so at – committee@pointcook.org
Importantly, we may need you, we may call upon you and, we hope that you can be there when this door closes and the next one opens.

Yours faithfully,
PCFC Committee.


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