Sunday 26th September was the date of the 2018 AGM for the Point Cook Flying Club. The afternoon was started with a BBQ followed by the AGM at the club rooms.It was great to see multiple nominations for committee positions which means at the end of the AGM, an election was held for the new committee.As a result of the election, a new committee has been formed.Officers President – Peter Tippner Senior Vice President – Ben Ippolito Junior VIce President – Cameron Holmes Treasurer – Ricky O’Kane Secretary – Guy BarrCommittee Michael Lee Terry Mann Sarah Meeson Adam Ryan Robin Stanley 
  1. David Hodgman
    David Hodgman 11 months ago

    Not wanting to be a smartarse, but for historical accuracy… *26th August*. 🙂

  2. Lucas James
    Lucas James 9 months ago

    Also not wanting to be a smartarse, the Contact Us page needs updating with the new committee.

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