Hi Club members,

There will be a working bee of sorts on saturday the 5th of december, to begin the packup of the clubrooms. As this is the first of three (moving day is 16th of january), it will be mostly just focused around sorting out what would be discarded and what will be kept, packing of some moving boxes and bundling up various electrical goods etc.

As this is a job that should not fall upon just a few, could any members that might be able to spare that time, put in a rsvp to junior.vp@pointcook.org

A morning start from approximately 9am and then a few hours would be extremely helpful. Ill be there myself for a large portion of the day myself and can assist anyone with entry requirements to the base if needed.

The club really needs all the help it can get at this difficult time, thankyou.

Andrew Gellert

Junior VP


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