Gday members,

Well, moving day has finally come around! We are due out no later than the end of the month and we have our special club member Michael lee contributing by offering his moving truck to get the job done.

With that very generous offer, the club needs several helpers on the sunday morning, to shift the boxed items from the old clubrooms onto the truck and then meet the truck at the next location up the road, most likely YBSS. We are respectfully asking this help as we can’t let this physical task fall upon just one or two people, a better number would be about a dozen!

The expectation will be unloading the club effects into a container at YBSS and closing the doors on it that same day.

Ill be there myself to put in the work, so I hope you can join me. Please indicate your help by messaging or leaving a post on the members facebook page.

Thanks to all 🙂


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