Hi Members! Unfortunately it seems you have missed out on a bit of fun.

Well actually, you missed out on some enjoyable club aviating which I think has been missing from our agenda for quite some time. Breathing life into fly-aways again (thanks Terry Mann) is no small challenge as getting a bunch of people to all arrive and depart somewhere together in three Cessnas was more of a challenge than it appeared to be, but it still worked out just fine so read on…

Arriving at the front gate we were met with a line up of cars as the time we inadvertently selected was about the same time the front gate was closed temporarily for the usual security stuff. O.k, first problem, so wait we did. As we all later entered the base, we burst into action and smartly got about the pre-flights and got those engines going. The lucky crew in EAV had enough onboard fuel and were away before we had our ship moving, geez that was quick so we thought. EYU and TBL moved quickly over to the bowser to top up as normal although the fuel company was there to begin their own truck top-up operation sort of about the same time. EYU grabbed their fuel while we waited just behind and then we pushed our ship into position. I noticed that in the 20 seconds it took to push the plane up, the fuel company guy had connected the two trucks for a fuel transfer right as we pulled in. “Hey mate can we grab some juice before you start? We are only after 40L.” then  “ Nah, I’m starting a transfer now, can you wait about 30 minutes?. Well readers, at that moment I thought to myself ‘Ive just met a complete #$%*! who has no regard, or is just bloody oblivious to common decency.’ O.k second problem for the day -what to do?

The clock was ticking as the other two 150’s were winging their way towards the destination so we decided to make for YBLT. That should keep us well above fuel margins and stay safe. Upon landing and doing a little taxi-tour of the apron, we find the ERSA noted ‘card swipe bowser’ to be only BP cardnet. Dammit! Third problem, this is starting to get tedious.

As if to cancel-out the fuel-ish truck goon at Point Cook, the absolute gentlemen at Bendigo Aero club helped us out with the refuel and got us on our way quickly, hats off to you Gents. We were feeling good as we were now finally approaching YMBU with a no-delay strait in approach as the rest of the lads were probably chowing down on some nice tucker at the venue.

What a great sit-down and brunch we had at the ‘Supreme Restaurant and Bar.’ Not to mention getting picked up by the Ian/Pam Carfrae and Robert for YMBU Aeroclub (gave us a quick tour of town too). What a nice bloke, we did not even know him from a bar of soap, but he played taxi and tour operator to us perfect strangers.

With a belly full of eggs benedict and coffee, came a small surprise. The Publican hands over a token of his appreciation for our patronage that morning. I accepted a bottle of shiraz to be opened when our new club doors are opened in the near future (yes you can hold me to it!). So anyway, the return flight back to YMPC I can say was uneventful thankfully. I reckon I had enough adventure good or bad, for one day.


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