Reposted from the club’s members facebook site, written by Terry Mann.

Breaky / Brunch Fly away. This Sunday 13th December, to Maryborough ( the one in Victoria !) The club planes are blocked out for the first members to reply to attend. Maryborough is 71nm from Pt Cook so a nice easy under 1 hr flight, even in the 150s. Ian Carfrae, who is now based in Maryborough has kindly offered to transport us from the airport to town where we will have breakfast / brunch at the historic Railway Café. This is located in the historical gold mine era train station,. Aim is to be landed at Maryborough by 9.00 am at the latest, for a 9.30 breakfast. Don’t worry if you miss out on this one, we hope to plan many more in the coming months.

To get a slot, and if you are not on facebook, feel free to email me at


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