Hi members! Good news!

For those who have put themselves forward to assist the upcoming removal, please go off and do something relaxing, as that weekend is no longer required.

Early this week the comittee recieved news that we have been gived an extention and our removal date is no longer the 30th of January, it is now the 18th of April 2021. That is really great news and gives up a lot more breathing space to the various efforts that were originally planned to be rushed through.

So what does this mean? First and foresmost we shall be leaving a C172 and a C150 located at YMPCto allow the existing club members to take advantage of that close proximity. We will very shortly be moving the other C150 to YBSS into the normal GA parking area with simple access, so our new members without Point Cook access, can get some flying done. This will also test and develop out new location and operations.

Another benefit is that we can have some more time to draw down some of our inventory that doesnt really need to come with us to YBSS. As we will be working with YBSS managment to hopefully see about putting in some sort of demountable -if we can get that sorted through the local council as well.

The club removal will be reviewed and other factors considered such as storage/portable buildings etc. At the moment the new date (TBC) for the club removal is somewhere likely in April. We have oppotunity now over the next couple of months to slowly trickle in our presence at YBSS and fit into their airport operations.

Yahoo everybody, some more flying from Point Cook- Just a little longer.

  1. Samuel Marchesani 6 months ago

    Great news. Are expired base passes still being accepted until then? Thanks!

  2. Itai Etzman 6 months ago

    So is YBSS now confirmed as the new home going forward?

  3. Author
    Andrew Gellert 6 months ago

    Samuel – The expired passes will be a problem as of the start of Feburary. The club is working through the details and will put up a post abouth this soon.
    Itai – YSS is most likely, still has to be ratified by the commitee, which should be in the next few weeks.

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