• Beware Carbon Monoxide

    Most would remember the tragic crash of a de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver seaplane on the Hawksbury River in Sydney on New Year’s Eve 2017. A recent update from the ATSB (who are finalising

  • Beware Carby Ice!

    Ice, Ice Baby… no, not the 1989 rap song, ice is a danger for aircraft in general. However, this time we are talking about carb icing.

    With winter now well and truely upon us, carby

  • YKTN – A request

    We have a request from the folks at the Kyneton Aero Club. Like most small airports they have a collection of folks that live in town who are not as enamoured by aircraft noise as we

  • CASA Guidance and Exemptions due COVID-19

    Hi all, I hope that you are surviving in your new ‘Iso Lyfe’. Like you, I’m keen for some air time and I hope that we might be able to facilitate that soon. The

  • New flight paths in use by Jetstar at Avalon

    A new instrument approach is now in use by Jetstar A320 and A321 aircraft arriving at Avalon airport. This new approach takes advantage of ‘Required Navigation

  • F1 Grand Prix Temporary Restricted Airspace

    The return of the F1 circus for the start of the 2020 season means the return of the TRA (Temporary Restricted Airspace) as in previous years. All pilots are

  • Moorabool Wind Farm construction continues

    An update has been received from the Victorian Regional Airspace and Procedures Advisory Committee (VIC RAPAC) about the ongoing construction for the Moorabool

  • 2020 Tyabb Airshow – Tickets now on sale

    Tickets are now on sale for the 2020 Tyabb Airshow! Early bird discounts finish on December 31st, so get in now!

    Every second year the Tyabb Airshow provides

  • Corryong’s Hang Gliding Cup

    Corryong’s annual Hang Gliding Cup is on again starting Boxing Day. Up to 100 hang gliders from around the country converge on the small Victorian town to participate.


  • Please avoid bushfires this summer!

    CASA has warned all pilots not involved in fighting fires this summer to stay away from active bushfires. This is to enable aerial assets to be employed to fight the

  • Aircraft Movement Requests – A reminder

    With the Christmas break right around the corner, it’s timely to remind our flying members new and old of the requirements for Aircraft Movement Requests (AMR’s).

  • The passenger brief – More than lip-service

    A good pilot spends a great deal of time on pre-flight briefings for themselves. Weather, NOTAMs, ERSA… we study plenty of information to ensure we are

  • NOTICE: The door code will shortly change.

    Advance warning to members that the door code for the club rooms will shortly be changed. This is to ensure the security of the club and members belongings that

  • New AWIS phone numbers!

    If you have a bunch of saved AWIS phone numbers in your phone, this notice is for you! You need to CHECK these numbers as they may have recently changed. Earlier in 2019 the BoM

  • BoM Launches Space Weather Services

    Wait, what? Weather IN space? Well, not quite.

    “Space Weather” is the term used to describe the current conditions in space that affect our lives here on Earth. The

  • On the subject of oil, worth noting there is more than one box in the cupboard. Please ensure you take the CLUB oil for the club planes. The other box was purchased by the owners of TTV for use in the Cirrus.

    Yes, I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley! 😉

  • Weekly Tyabb Sausage Sizzle

    If you are looking for an excuse to commit aviation on a Saturday, each week the Peninsula Aero Club hosts a sausage sizzle. Just across the bay at Tyabb airport the sizzle

  • Why be an Air Traffic Controller?

    In the final episode PCFC Senior VP and Air Traffic Controller Ben Ippolito talks about why he likes being an Air Traffic Controller.

    Are you interested in becoming an Air

  • Great video and an important lesson! As the saying goes “If there is a question, then there is no question”.

    There is a great video on YouTube of the FA18’s departing Wings Over Illawarra a few years ago when the crosswind was around 30kts for two days. These highly skilled military fast jet pilots in machines with plenty of thrust and flight…[Read more]

  • Senior VP Ben Ippolito talks about the effect of weather on ATC operations

    In Episode 3 PCFC Senior VP and Air Traffic Controller Ben Ippolito explains some of the challenges of weather on ATC operations

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