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We’ve recently welcomed quite a few new members to the club, so I thought it would be timely to send a reminder regarding the payment process for flights.

Paying for flights

Each of our three aircraft are charged on tacho hours – depending on how you manage the engine, and the length of your flight, this generally translates to about 0.8 – 0.9 of an actual hour.  Presently, the 150s and 172 are charged at $120 and $200/tacho hour respectively.

In accordance with the Aircraft Hire Conditions, payments for flights should be deposited directly into the club’s bank account within 48 hours of returning the aircraft back to Point Cook.  Pre-payment is required for any hire in excess of 10 planned hours, or 5 days (liaise directly with the club in this regard).

When making a deposit into the club’s account, make sure you include your surname, initial and the date of the flight as the reference (and, if space permits, the aircraft registration).  We often receive payments which are not easy to allocate and require a bit of investigation, which takes up volunteer time.  Please note, there is no need to send a remittance advice to the club.

Flights are charged to the account of the member who is marked on the aircraft flight log. Therefore, if you are splitting the cost with another member, and each member wishes to pay the club separately, please mark this on the sheet (and the agreed split).

We raise invoices for each flight, usually towards the beginning of the month after the flight. We don’t automatically send invoices, but please just email treasurer@pointcook.org if you require a copy of any.

We are looking to start issuing statements each month to all members with accounts showing a debit or credit balance.  If your account is in credit, please try to use it as quickly as possible.  If you see something on your account which you do not believe is correct, please just email and we will liaise with you.

Airways charges and landing fees

The club receives monthly invoices from Airservices Australia, Avdata (which manages landing fees for various airfields) and other local airfields that bill operators directly for airways charges and landing fees. Once we receive these invoices, we match them to the aircraft flight logs and invoice the hirer.

Our preference is that you do not pay for landing fees/airways charges until you receive an invoice (this makes it slightly easier to track on the system).  Pleasingly, we have managed to get all three aircraft onto Airservices Australia’s GAO (General Aviation Option), which means we are only invoiced once we exceed $500 of charges per annum, so you may not ultimately receive an invoice for airways charges.

We don’t receive invoices for landing fees from all airports – some go directly to the owner.  It is therefore important to note the airfields you land at on the aircraft flight logs so we can liaise with the owner to receive any invoices which are outside of the ones we generally visit and receive invoices from.

Off-site fuel

Offsite fuel is reimbursed at a fixed rate, which we tie to the Point Cook fuel rate (presently reimbursed at $2.20/ltr).  We try to limit the number of changes to this rate through the year – and communicate it via the white board in the club room.  If you refuel offsite, please provide a copy of your receipt showing the number of litres added, and deduct this from your payment (marking the off-site fuel purchase on the aircraft running sheet).

Aircraft oil

Not directly related to flight payments, but please remember oil for our club aircraft is stored in the club rooms (in the cupboards on the lower right as you walk in).  If you notice the box running low, please let us know.  The oil which is stored in the fuel truck belongs to RMIT and is not available for our use.


If you have any questions at all – please just email treasurer@pointcook.org.

Safe Flying!

Ricky (Treasurer)

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  1. Ben Ippolito 1 year ago

    On the subject of oil, worth noting there is more than one box in the cupboard. Please ensure you take the CLUB oil for the club planes. The other box was purchased by the owners of TTV for use in the Cirrus.

    Yes, I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley! 😉

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