Updated 10th July 2019

Prior to conducting a flight, a requirement of conducting a flight is that defence must approve the aircraft’s movement in and out of the base.

To simplify this, a form called the Aircraft Movement Request form needs to be filled out and submitted for approval prior to conducting a flight.

The club has made available on the website an online flight notification form to make it easier to submit.

All Aircraft Movement Request form must be submitted with enough notice to allow an approval to be returned 2 hours prior to flight departure.  

We have been able to work on driving this don from 24 hours notice so please ensure where you can, you provide 24 hours notice of flight.

For flights on a weekend that have not been approved the Friday prior, you must still provide the 2 hours notice at a minimum

Over a weekend, when you submit an online flight notification this SMS is automatically generated.

If planning to conduct a flight within 2 hours, call the BCP number listed in ERSA for verbal approval

Form Link

Process for Completing

  1. Open latest form using link above
  2. Complete form 2 hours prior to required flight
  3. If planning to conduct a flight within 2 hours, call the BCP number listed in ERSA for verbal approval
ElementNotes on completion
Aircraft TypeThis should be the aircraft type you are flying. i.e. Cessna 172n
Tail NumberCasa Registration with VH prefix (VH-TBL)
Owner OperatorFor club aircraft will be Point Cook Flying Club
Postal AddressRAAF Williams, Point Cook, VIC,
Contact – MobThis should be your mobile phone number that you will have with you whilst on base
EmailEnter your email address that you will be sending the form from
Public Liability InsuranceThis must be ticked
AmountFor AUA holders it must be $5,00,000 but is under review at the moment
Names and ARN or IDThis must be completed for Pilot and Passenger details for the aircraft. Ensure you use First Name and Last Name and must account for all persons on board the aircraft
Aircraft Movement DetailsMust reflect the flight plan in and out of the base. Base Command Post need to be able to understand time in and out of the base to be able to record aircraft movements correctly

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