New flight paths in use by Jetstar at Avalon

A new instrument approach is now in use by Jetstar A320 and A321 aircraft arriving at Avalon airport. This new approach takes advantage of ‘Required Navigation Performance’ or RNP technology on the Airbus and places the aircraft over Corio Bay instead of Clifton Spings and Drysdale.

This approach is only currently used by Jetstar Airbus aircraft when Runway 36 is in use. Jetstar will no longer routinely fly a standard circuit visually or track via the existing RNAV(GNSS) approach which tracks over the Bellarine Pensinsula. The existing ILS approach to Runway 18 will be used when that is the duty runway.

Below are representations of the new track vs the older track courtesy of Airservices Australia. Be aware that non-Jetstar Airbus aircraft will continue to use the existing approach paths (purple) or the standard circuit. This includes the Air Asia X A330 flights.

Flight paths north of the airport. Yellow is the paths to the new ‘RNAV-U (RNP-AR)’ approach. The path to the west is the join to the ILS for runway 18. The path to the east is the join to the existing ‘RNAV-Z (GNSS)’ approach for runway 36.
Flight paths in the vicinity of Cario Bay. The Yellow is the new ‘RNAV-U’, the Purple the existing ‘RNAV-Z’ via waypoint ‘SC’.

Because IFR pilots and ATC seem to speak a foreign language according to VFR pilots I’ll help decode a little for you. The new approach will be called the “RNAV Uniform Runway 36 approach” on the radio. The existing path (purple) for the GPS approach will be refered to as the “RNAV Zulu Runway 36 approach” and the turning point depicted on the picture is known as “Sierra Charlie”. There are also points known as “Sierra Bravo” and “Sierra Alpha” which are located near Barwon Heads and Grovedale respectively.

Be aware when you are tracking near or through the Avalon Class E airspace! Remember 133.55 is your friend, they will help keep you aware of any traffic nearby.


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