YKTN – A request

We have a request from the folks at the Kyneton Aero Club. Like most small airports they have a collection of folks that live in town who are not as enamoured by aircraft noise as we pilots and enthusiasts are. So they have developed a comprehensive fly-neighbourly procedure they request everyone operating there abide by. YKTN is also a PPR airfield, whilst they welcome visitors, they require you to get prior permission so not only can they let you know the condition of the airport, but they can ensure you are fully aware of their procedures to avoid causing issues with the neighbours.

Since we don’t want to give cause for an airport to be threatened to close, we are reminding all PCFC pilots who may be thinking of travelling to YKTN to please obtain permission before doing so and to avoid overflying the town if you are simply transiting the area.

The contact information for the permission can be found in the ERSA.


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