There is a reason that most aircraft have about 5 hours endurance, weight is one of them and the second being comfort…. Who wants to spend any longer than 5 hours in a 172….. Imagine spending 64 days in one!

In a recent trip to the US, I spent some time in Las Vegas and was quite intreagued once I had seen a 172 hanging from the roof in the baggage hall of McCarran International Airport.

Little did I realise prior to opening up Google that not just one but two people spent 64 days airborne in that 172 to break an incredible record that still stands 61 years later.

On December 4th 1958, Bob Timm and John Cook started what turned out to be a flight that lasted 64 days, 22 hours, 19 minutes and 5 seconds in a modified Cessna 172. The travelled 150,000 miles without putting wheels on the ground.

AOPA have an incredible write up on the endevour and I would highly reccomend the read

To put the achievement into todays numbers let’s reflect

  • 1,558 flight hours
  • 54,380 Litres of AvGas
  • 301 in flight oil changes (Oil Change every 2 days)
  • 1,684 litres of oil
  • $126,161 in AvGas today
  • $31,911 in Oil today
  • $60,000 for an engine overhaul at the end of it

Quite remarkable and worth the read!


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