Hello Members,The time has come (and come a little further forward) to remove our things from the old clubhouse and put them in storage. With that being said, the best day to get the help we need in the form of Michael L and his truck will be the 28th of March, this month. 

I am humbly requesting the help of a half dozen-or so willing hands to shift the boxes/objects out, and pack the truck. This would be then transported most likely up to a location in Bacchus marsh township for offloading into a storage yard that same day.For those that may come forward to help this would suggest a 8-9am meeting at Point Cook, some work there followed by some work at the other end at Bacchus marsh.

I for one will be there mustering the help and doing the work as well.For your information, the inventory has been culled quite a bit and the whole amount would be about the size of a large bedroom’s floor space if packed/stacked (this is to understand how much stuff there is to move).

Please, if you can help out that day, Rsvp to junior.vp@pointcook.org If you are wondering, we are keeping the things that will form the basis of furniture, kitchen, office and general items that would be placed into the replacement clubhouse, when that time in the future arises.Looking forward to hearing from you,

Andrew Gellert 



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