An incredible reflection by quite a well known back country pilot in the US. immediatley after he walked away from an accident in his well known aircraft.

Mike Pattey, a well know youtube pilot who created the infamous PT6 powered Wilga named Draco, took some time to share with others his views and feelings post an accident that he was PIC in involving his beloved Draco.

“Dang it, never fly beyond the aircraft’s limits, never fly beyond your own, certainly never fly beyond both.”

Mike Pattey

The video is a powerful message and we strongly reccomend taking the time to watch it if you haven’t already.

Thanks Mike for your honesty

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  1. Ben Ippolito 2 years ago

    Great video and an important lesson! As the saying goes “If there is a question, then there is no question”.

    There is a great video on YouTube of the FA18’s departing Wings Over Illawarra a few years ago when the crosswind was around 30kts for two days. These highly skilled military fast jet pilots in machines with plenty of thrust and flight control computers struggled to deal with it. There were reports of Cessna’s and Piper’s operating with crosswinds in excess of 25kts! Whilst the crosswind figure in the flight manual is a ‘demonstrated’ crosswind not a hard limit per se, you want to think VERY carefully before you attempt operations in that regime as you are now a test pilot!

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