A bit of a shout out to those helpful souls that made the pre-pack of the club’s effects, a very successful day!

We started from 9am on Saturday and the people started to filter in one by one. Then before I knew it, we had enough to start really attacking it and that is an understatement. For a good while in the morning, I had my work cut our for me allocating tasks and jobs not because I was dealing them out, rather the team was eating up the work as fast as I could identify jobs. So it became a real ‘machine’ at full operating speed for a few hours and the most prevalent thing was quickly sorted out – getting rid of years of accumulated junk and stuff. That done, the packing boxes started to fill up very quick and inventory was taken.

Lunchtime rolled around fairly quick and we got amongst a sausage sizzle and a few cold drinks to take a break from all the hard yakka. Following this, a bit of a changeover of people occurred as the morning and afternoon shift switched over. Winding down towards the afternoon saw the remains of the secretary’s office and miscellaneous products being lastly boxed.

I would say that we are now positioned so that we are ready for removal day, with only one exception. the Simulator has a question mark hanging over it and remains not yet disassembled. But that’s another consideration as it probably will not be coming with us to our new destination. Any interested parties who may wish to acquire the sim, feel free to contact me (author).

Those who came along, another thanks again.

Phillip, Tim, Jeff, Li, Harrison, Dina, Terry, Ian, Ben, (hope I didn’t forget anyone)


Andrew Gellert

Junior VP


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