The next Day Away post is from club member Ian Carfrae and although may make for a better two days away, is a great trip nonetheless.

We went down during summer, but even then,  we had low cloud for our return into Point Cook . So pick your weather carefully , and have a plan in case the weather turns against you.

We were on an IFR plan, at 8000 feet. (10000 would have been  better) . Tracking YMPC AV LORN YKII. You can see the island as you leave the coast. You could go to Cape Otway and head straight across, but either way you will spend time overwater outside gliding distance. As we approached the island we broke off the direct YKII for a scenic

King Island has rental cars, with various accommodation styles and locations.  in several locations and plenty of good dining options. We stayed at Grassy , in a unit.  There is a motel there as well , run by the same people, and they have a great restaurant too.

One of the highlights is the penguin rookery at the Harbour.  Drive down before sundown and park on the spit. They come back after dark in their hundreds! The dairy is a good stop, but just touring will bring you some amazing scenery.

There are some traps, to consider. There is no Avgas for sale on King Island. The weather can get nasty down in Bass Straight and VFR operations can get difficult. So if you were to leave YKII and were forced to go back by weather, would you have enough fuel to go again? (IFR is not easier , with alternate requirements etc, it’s just a different way of ending up between a rock and a hard place if you get it wrong!)

Our return journey, was the reverse of the flight plan , but due to low cloud around area we got a clearance,  still over the water, direct to the RNAV for YMPC getting visual around 800 – 900ft.


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