With the AGM up and coming, nominations for the new committee are closed and have been finalised.

There will be voting at the AGM for the Junior Vice President and Committee roles.

PositionNominations (Listed in Alphabetical order)
Junior Vice PresidentIan Carfrae
Michael Lee
CommitteePam Carfrae
Terry Mann
Richi Nayyar
Adam Ryan
Robin Stanley

Candidate statements for positions are below.

Due to the nature of the election and the unsuccessful candidate flowing to the committee vote, electronic voting will not be available this year.

Proxy votes are still able to be submitted and the proxy form is available for download below. Proxy votes will only be accepted if filled out on the approved form.

Roles as per below run unopposed and therefore will not require an election.

PresidentPeter Tippner
Senior Vice PresidentBen Ippolito
TreasurerRicky O’Kane
SecretaryGuy Barr

Candidate Statements

Junior Vice President

Ian Carfrae

Some of you know me as a former committee member of the PCFC , where I have been a member since 2014. I am a PPL NVFR PIFR with around 1600 hours in my log book. My claim to fame is acquiring the club aircraft we currently enjoy .  I have significant experience with aircraft ownership and operation. I owned and operated a C172 for over 2000 hours of operation , on line at flying schools and I have done most of the schedule 8  ( pilot approved ) maintenance tasks and assisted  at least five 100 hour inspections. Additionally I hold , Airfield Safety Officer qualifications and have experience as Airside Works Safety Officer on Point Cook , Melbourne and Essendon , plus smaller fields. I currently hold C4 drivers authority on Point Cook which can be useful for access to Taxiways and Runways in case of incident accident. Currently , a retired airborne grey nomad , working 20ish days a year , I hope to rejoin the committee to assist the fantastic work being done by the current executive team.

Michael Lee

G’day Ladies and Gents,
My name is Michael Lee and I will be applying for the position of Committee Member. I’ve been a part of PCFC for a good couple of years or so and you may very well have first spoken to me when you were looking for this amazing establishment as I am the first mobile point of contact for all new members. 
I am also currently in the team that will be doing the 50 hour oil change for all aircraft on base to ensure that our aircraft is never grounded for too long. Let’s make sure to keep those birds in the sky!
Any questions I and would be more than happy to answer.


Pam Carfrae

I am very excited about the effort members on our current committee have been putting in to make the club a wonderful organization to be involved in and I would like to help by becoming a Social Member on the committee.

  • Have Company Secretary/Treasurer for approximately 25 years
  • Currently Registered Aircraft Operator, requiring the management of the associated paperwork and financial accounts
  • Retired
  • I would like to support the functional running of the club and represent the social members on the committee

Terry Mann

If re-elected to the committee I will continue to assist the club in any way I can. My current contributions include; induction, airside and refuelling training
Aircraft fleet management ( liaising with LAME on scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, ordering oil, log sheets, Goboko admin)
Assisting the Treasurer, with invoicing for flights, bank signatory etc

Richi Nayyar

– Holder of PPL with RUC and CSP.
– 500+ hours of flying experience.
– Can do 50 hrs and 100hrs maintenance. Has 2 year experience from America in doing the 50 Hrs and 100 Hrs.
– Member for last 2 Years.

Adam Ryan

Adam is now one of the RAAF approved Trainers and has participated in both the Induction and Airside Training of new members.
Adam has also jointly participated in bringing “in house” the 50 hr oil changes on our club aircraft, thus minimising the time the club aircraft are off base.
Adam has participated in Fun Flight 2017 and 2018.
Adam Ryan has been on the Committe since July 2017 and he has shared the Committee’s vision of making flying fun and affordable for all.

Robin Stanley

As an active flying member and a long term committee member I am passionate about the PCFC. I am keen to facilitate flying out of Pt Cook and to further improve on our relations with the RAAF.

I am particularly proud of the PCFC and its involvement in the Fun Flight day.


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