RAAF have identified flocks of Little Corella utilising grassed areas at RAAF PCK. The species has not been observed in such numbers on site previously. Key points are summarised below.

  • Flocks of Little Corella are transiting over critical areas at RAAF PCK.
  • Little Corella flock size (~5-60), transitory pattern and times are highly variable.
  • Little Corella risk period 08:00 to 17:30 hrs Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).
  • Little Corella can transit over all runways (17/35, 04/22 and 08/26) and adjacent airspace during risk period.
  • Little Corella flocks are utilising airfield grassland to forage (Figure below).
  • Flocks primarily forage within the flight strip of 17/35 and transit the western grass from landside areas at RAAF PCK.
  • Airfield ground vehicles and aircraft utilising RWY 17 may accidentally flush Little Corella into manoeuvring areas and increase the chance of wildlife strike.
Locations of bird flocks

Please keep this in mind and brief this risk in as a part of your flight planning.


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