Maintenance of maintenance releases!
Recently it was brought to the committee the state of the club aircraft’s MR. Specifically part 3 where the daily inspection is signed for and the hours are tracked.

Friendly reminder:

  • Any licensed pilot (RPL or above) can certify for the daily inspection. If you are the first to fly the aircraft that day then that’s you! Please ensure you enter the date, sign and provide your ARN.
  • As part of conducting the daily inspection please total the hours from the previous day of flying and enter to ‘close off’ the previous entry in part 3. This ensures you are able to accurately determine if the aircraft is approaching any maintenance requirements listed in part 1 of the MR.
  • Don’t forget to check part 2 for any logged unserviceability. This may preclude the aircraft being used for certain operations (eg Night VFR).
  • As a rule, leave the hours ‘open’ at the end of a flight. This ensures that the next pilot doesn’t need to complete and certify for more than one daily inspection per day.

There are no circumstances where the previous entries in part 3 are missing hours, signatures, dates, or ARN’s. Remember that CASA can ask to inspect the MR at any time, you can make your own conclusions as to what they might think of any missing entries. Please help your fellow club members by accurately completing this important legal document.


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