Aircraft Movement Requests – A reminder

With the Christmas break right around the corner, it’s timely to remind our flying members new and old of the requirements for Aircraft Movement Requests (AMR’s). Although PCFC has some concessions when using club aircraft , the submission of a complete & correct AMR for each and every flight is an essential part of your duties as a flying member.

We thought it was the right time to share a refresh of the current rules of engagement with AMR’s and operations at Point Cook:

  • An AMR is required for each and every flight that originates from or arrives at YMPC. (Noting of course, that just like a flight plan you can put multiple stages on a single form where they relate to the same aircraft and pilot combination.)
  • The form must be completed via the website
  • The form must be submitted a minimum of TWO hours prior to flight.
  • You do not require a reply from the ABCP prior to flight. You do however need to remain contactable on the nominated number in the AMR until your ETD. (Outbound and Return! Don’t forget to check your phone before turning the key to come home!)

Defence requires that each aircraft movement at the base is documented via the AMR process. We have negotiated some modifications to the usual process which allows us to submit forms only 2 hours prior to flight and operate on a ‘approved by exception’ basis. This means you, the members, don’t need to wait for an approved form return, but can go unless the ABCP calls and notifies you that the flight is not approved.

It is important that everyone complies with the concession rules that we have been able to organise. Not alligning to the above means defence will shift us back to an approval prior to flight with a minimum of 24 hours notice. No one wants that to occur.

The good news, is that we incorporated a very simple and easy way to submit the form right from this very website! It’s the big button above labeled “Flight Notification”. It will even have most of the information already from your membership profile. The form is very simple to complete and submitting it sends it off to the ABCP and on weekends will also notify the duty member that you have done so. This means that Defence has your contact details should they need to contact you for any reason.

Even better, using the website form means the club then has a record of the form being submitted (which is time stamped). So if the form goes wonky in IT land we can easily provide it again to Defence and have proof you submitted in the required time frame.


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