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Dear Members,

This morning, Daniel Andrews announced some changes in lock down measures put into place to help stop the spread of COVID-19

In a statement this morning, the premier announced “the ability to leave the house for exercise will be expanded to include outdoor recreational activities. These activities can occur in groups of up to 10 people outside, but the requirements on physical distancing remain” This is effective from 11.59pm Tuesday 12th May 2020

As a result, we have made the decision to bring aircraft back online for use by members from this Saturday 16th May.

There will still however be some restrictions in place to ensure the safety and protection of all members.

For flying operations, the following remains in place:

  • All pilots are required to bring their own disinfectant wipes to wipe down touched surfaces. This is to be conduct both prior to, and after flight. No disinfectant wipes, no flying. Please be mindful of the surfaces within the aircraft you are cleaning, to avoid damaging flight instruments. Surfaces to be wiped include, but are not limited to:
    • Aircraft keys
    • Aircraft books
    • Club door combination lock
    • Aircraft door handles
    • Aircraft control column and flying controls
  • In order to keep in line with social distancing rules, all flights are to be either SOLO, or with people that you reside with, in the same household.
  • All communal club equipment is not to be used. Specifically, this is:
    • Club headsets
    • Club life jackets (Please plan your flights accordingly).
  • Flights are all to be contained within Victoria.
  • The club simulator is off limits.

Lastly, there are some changes to the location of the aircraft on base. We will circulate more information later this week on gate access and aircraft access details.

We thank you again for your patience through this challenging time and thank you in advance for respecting the measures we still have in place

Peter Tippner
Point Cook Flying Club


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